Can Crows be Used to Clean Outside Litter?


Crows are from the family of Corvidae. They are also known as blackbirds. What we all know about crows is that they are commonly found throughout the world and are non-primate. And what we read about them in �A Thirsty Crow� where a crow is smart enough to use his brain and get to achieve his aim in less time. This story tells us that the crows are smarter than other birds. They can solve their problems by themselves and get their aim without the help of others.

Crows Are Extremely Intelligent

Researches from the past decades have proved that crows are intelligent enough. Crows have a long life and they live socially, by which they accumulate knowledge just by watching others or they can accumulate knowledge by their individual experience. They have a relatively large brain then other corvids, so they can conduct reasoning abilities. Moreover they can easily solve difficult tasks and are referred to as problem solvers.

Can Crows Clean?

Crows are intelligent, they can solve complex tasks. If we train them to do a specific task, they could easily do it. In France, crows are trained to pick up trash and dump them into trash cans. Ornithologist Robert Mulvihill said that crows have high neuronal densities for their sizes. At the French theme park; groups of crows are specially trained to dump the trash to get the reward.

Cigarette butt collectors

Worldwide 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts cast out as litter each year. These butts can further change into toxic substances and also can secrete lethal chemicals. Crows have been helping humans to get rid of this trash before it cast us out. In Les Epesses, trained crows are picking the cigarette butts and throwing them into the waste pan which then ultimately rewards them.

Litter collectors

Crows travel, they migrate from one part to another part of the world. They are used to build the nest, and for that purpose, they use sticks lying on the earth.

Prevent damage to crops

Crows are mostly considered to damage the crops. But instead, they prevent damage by eating the pesticides that are harmful to the crops.

Crows have remarkable cognitive skills

Crows can recognize. Crows can be trained to learn to talk, spy on someone and to take photos. Furthermore, a crow can himself construct a tool by combining different objects i.e sticks and woods. They are said to be more intelligent than a 7-year-old child. They can do any complex task in lesser time that can be done by a child in more time.

Crows can pick litter

Can crows be used to pick litter outside? Yes! But why? We humans are not capable of doing what he can. We can make our mind to do good or bad but instead we are using a foul parlor trick on them to learn more about corvid cognition and their intelligence. We all have studied before about human conditioning and behaviorism, and from there we can recognize man as a social animal. He can use any fouls play to demonstrate what he thinks. Alfred Hitchcock's movie the bird has shown the power occupied by animals and that man is nothing in front of them. 


Although we have made ourselves to call a crow intelligent but instead, he is more intelligent than a man. He teaches humans the basic ethics of our society that man himself is used to understand. He helps us in solving the problem of the whole Earth which the man has himself created.

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