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Rats are the most commonly known rodents present all around the globe. They could be found at almost any and every place around you. Although rats have several species and some them big enough to scare you, but in 2009 it was found that the biggest rat ever with the length of 81 centimeters and weight of 1.4 kgs is discovered which is known as the Bosavi woolly rat. They are also known to be so reproductive that each female has the ability to produce from six to twenty babies every three weeks and they become able to mate also in just three weeks. Due to this fast-growing reproduction, the increasing population of rats is becoming a big problem for humans. Rats are actually referred to as the most irritating and annoying rodents ever. Their unnecessary presence at unnecessary places is one of their main characteristics. Moreover, their presence could be a big trouble creator, they could be responsible for spreading various diseases, for creating a mess out of your places, for destroying your households or other things by chewing them and most importantly by terrifying you.

Outdoor rat traps

Once the mouse enters your house, it would be nearly impossible for you to get rid of it. Along with being annoying and irritating they are very stubborn too. They would never leave a place so easily where once they had made their roosting or started getting their food from. In order to keep these troublesome creatures far away from you, the best way would be to stop them from even entering your houses. It could be made possible by following various measures mentioned below:

Rat zapper

Rat zapper is an electronic device to trap and kill rats that has been regarded as one of the most effective rat traps. You just have to set a rat attracting bait in this trap and then place it outside your house. Rat will get attracted to the bait and will approach the zapper and when it will enter the zapper; this electronic device will produce the current of 8000 volts that will kill the rat. It has been proven to be a very effective solution to rat problems.

Cats or dogs

Keeping pet cats or dogs will be really very helpful to keep the rats away from your house. If any of them tries to head towards it, your cat or dog will be the one restricting it from doing so. 

Rat repellents

In order to get rid of rats, you should keep cleaning the outside of your house thoroughly and frequently. While doing so, spraying some rat repellents that might include, peppermint oil or some specific rat repellent chemicals, etc would not make rats come towards your houses.

Final thoughts

Though, there are not any specific outdoor traps for rats that could not be used inside the houses. But what you can do to stop them coming in your homes is to properly cover or block any of their entrance points, keep the inside out of your homes clean and remove any of the food sources that will attract rats towards your houses. 

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